Paradise Exteriors

Dan and Tina Beckner first started their business, Paradise Exteriors LLC, in 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Their business really took off when they moved to Boynton Beach, Florida in October of 2007.   Paradise Exteriors LLC is now a well known, family owned and operated impact window and door company that provides top rate, direct products to clients in a timely and cost-efficient way.  Paradise Exteriors are direct dealers of their products- cutting out the middle man cuts down on price and makes the transaction much cleaner, quicker, and more reliable.

Paradise Exteriors LLC is one of the few companies that does not process their orders until they send someone out to take exact measurements.  Dan’s older brother, Eric Beckner, is in charge of installations and either him or one of his full time employees take the measurements; they do not use subcontractors.  Additionally they offer in home, same day price and product estimates, again only taken by representatives.  All workers are fully insured with workers compensation and general liability insurance.

In addition to getting precise measurements to fit your home or building, Paradise Exteriors also gets top quality products.  The products are specifically meant for hurricanes; they are designed to receive the highest impact possible.  Soft Lite manufactures the windows.  Soft Lite windows are known to protect homes against airborne debris and strong winds or other violent weather.  Additionally, the windows are great for keeping out intruders. The windows also protect people from UV light, and quiet the noise from the outside if you live near traffic.  Along with windows they sell shutters, impact doors and patio doors.  Also, Custom Window Systems (CWS) provides them with doors and windows, a company that prides itself on their high quality products.  Having been in business since 1986, they manufacture their products in Ocala, Florida.  CWS was the first window manufacturer in Florida to receive a specific recognition for producing energy efficient windows.  Their products are known for energy efficiency as well as ability to sustain high pressure.


By specializing in only two products, windows and doors, Paradise Exteriors is able to maximize their knowledge and sell the products they truly believe are the best. They made a wise decision to specialize rather than spread their efforts thin.  All their products are backed by manufacturers lifetime warranty.  All products are Florida and Miami-Dade County approved. Due to their choice in products, Paradise Exteriors is a member of the Green Community.

Paradise Exteriors is A-rated with the Better Business Bureau and in October of 2014, 7 years after their start in Florida, they will be upgraded to an A+, a rating that requires being in business for at least 7 years with no complaints.